Corporate Classes

In our current circumstance with coronavirus and being sheltered in, now more than ever people need to balance mental and physical wellness during stressful times. In the midst of so much uncertainty, our leading New York yoga community is now enabling organizations to access the movement and meditation practices that support their employees physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Current mindfulness research reports that about one fourth of the major employers in the nation are offering some kind of practice in stress reduction and mindfulness. And now your company can bring it to your team during the day, rather than leaving it up to them to go out and find.

Benefits for your organization:

  • Decrease health expenditures
  • Foster team connectivity
  • Improve recruiting and retention
  • Reduce sick leave
  • Improve your remote culture

Benefits for your employees:

  • Improved concentration
  • Decrease stress
  • Foster team connectivity
  • Raise strength and flexibility
  • Keep remote employees engage

Yoga Tribe Brooklynhas spent 17 years leading the community in yoga. They have developed Karmasoft, published a book and helped tens of thousand of students.