Welcome to day one at Yoga Tribe Brooklyn


We know how intimidating day one at a new studio can be, especially if you plan to try our hot yoga classes for the first time! We are so happy that you are ready to join us @yogatribrooklyn. Below are some common questions from our first-timers. We all have to start somewhere, so scroll down, take a breath, and know that beginning your practice is the best thing you can do for yourself and the ones you love.


Traditional 26, no matter your age and level. This classic sequence is healing and rejuvenating. Build strength, flexibility, focus and discipline. Never done yoga before? PERFECT.


Less holding and more flow, our vinyasa classes tap into grace and strength as your body enjoys a full range of motion.


You will laugh and work hard. Learn the progressions of the poses you have been practicing in the beginner's classes. Want to explore and advance your practice, you will find something amazing in yourself every time.


A fusion of Bikram classic, with upper body strengtheners, and ab toners. We flow it all a little to give you a full body workout in 60 minutes. This class is friendly but challenging.

It depends on the length, heat and intensity of the type of class you do. We recommend not coming in on a full stomach. Also be sure to hydrate well before class, particularly if you’re a heavy sweater.

Rushing is stressful for you and other practitioners. Arrive at least twenty minutes before class start time. Latecomers will not be admitted. We love your beautiful feet, so please remove your shoes upon arrival. Cell phones should be silenced, turned off or thrown out the window.


First timers, please register upon your arrival. We’ll give you our dime tour and some brief instructions. Everyone else is free to register online to make arrival easier. We’ll be here whenever you’re ready.


We newbies. Sign up for our amazing Intro Special: one week of unlimited classes, or two weeks of unlimited classes. You can explore our diversity of yoga offerings according to your own schedule and preferences.


Many people bring towels, mats and water. Others rent supplies at the studio. But everybody brings their respect, focus and energy. We love our planet, so we don’t sell plastic bottles. You can refill your own for $1. We also have an array of delicious coconut water and teas to keep you hydrated.


Wear as little clothing as you are comfortable in while still remaining appropriate. Women wear shorts and sports bra tops or tanks. Men wear swim trunks or athletic shorts. If you are more comfortable in pants, we recommend tight fitting leggings. For our hotter classes, loose clothing becomes uncomfortable when drenched in sweat, so best to avoid sweatpants. We also have some fashionable, high performance gear designed specifically for yoga on sale at the studio.


Always listen to your body. Be kind to yourself during class. Sit down if you need to. Remember, our teachers are highly trained and massively compassionate. You are completely supported during all of your classes. We encourage you to stay in the room the entire time, but we also understand that you’re human and emergencies happen.


There’s no such thing as a bad yoga class, except for the one you don’t take. Start today! The changes awaiting you are immense. Drink up, take a deep breath, and remember that at our community, every.body.belongs